J.J. Salem isn’t just a USA Today Bestselling Author and writer of the oh-so-scandalous TAN LINES.  He’s a word dazzler who draws in readers with addictive tales of naked ambition, love, intrigue and relationship drama.

Once called “the literary love-child of Sidney Sheldon and Jackie Collins” by The Daily Record, J.J.’s affair with women’s commercial fiction began as a teenager when he worked odd jobs to splurge on the hardcover edition of Collins’ Hollywood Wives, a move he still considers his best purchase ever.

With writing that’s been called “deliciously bitchy,” “captivating,” and most pointedly, “escapism with a feminist edge,” J.J. has published 20+ books in a wide array of genres from suspense and romantic comedy to young adult fiction and celebrity biography.

J.J. has parlayed his lifelong fandom of the newspaper comic strip Brenda Starr, Reporter (1940-2011) into a contemporary novel series, Brenda Starr Mysteries, an officially licensed reboot that brings the glamorous feminist icon into the 21st century for exciting new adventures.

When he’s not scribbling scintillating fiction, you can usually find him running, walking Sho-B-Doe (his beloved Goldendoodle) decking out his home with pop art-inspired touches or musing over his favorite obsessions—pop culture and publishing–on his blog, Pop Nerd.

J.J. is hard at work on his latest novel, which, as always, involves lots of smart, glamorous strivers and schemers with secrets galore.