Sofia Rose Cardinella has just jilted one unlucky groom for the third time.  Her Mafioso father gets the man to the altar, and she leaves him there.  When this slightly dizzy but deceptively savvy cosmetics industry dreamer stumbles across Ben Estes, a smoldering Ol’ Blue Eyes wannabe—singing Sinatra karaoke in a shopping mall no less—their attraction is instant and electric.  Her first thought:  Daddy would hate this guy.  Her next:  He must be the man for me.

But after Sofia’s mob-lite papa sends his bumbling thugs on a mission to whack Ben, there’s only one way out for these crazy-sexy-cool strangers in the night—marriage.   With a wild supporting cast and a shockeroo ending involving a mysterious hit man, MAD GIRL is a zany rom-com with style, attitude and heart.     


This is a revised and rebranded edition of my favorite romantic comedy title.  Thrilled to have it available in ebook format for the first time.  Silly, over-the-top fun with a memorable supporting cast and zippy dialogue.     

Praise from the media

"Madcap mayhem . . . a funny, sexy, slightly off-the-wall treat." - RT Book Reviews

"Like one of those tacky, catty, bitchy, too-much makeup characters on Absolutely Fabulous . . . approach is bawdy and downright fun . . . unapologetic screwball [comedy] that screams, 'Don't take me seriously, just take me!" -