Dean Paul Lockhart is America’s fairytale prince.  His wedding to a reality starlet is sending shockwaves through the celebrity gossip trade and rocking the worlds of three Brown University graduates who once dreamed college love would last forever . . .

For Lara Ward, it’s a reason to go wild.  By day, the class act and society fixture oversees a glitzy event planning firm.  By night, she scorches the sheets with a fireball Latin polo player in an all-out bid to ease her heartache.

For Babe Mancini, it’s a reason to get revenge.  Snapping candids of the rich, famous and glamorous for glossy mag 212 has taught her the power of the right image.  And she’s got some very personal photos of Dean Paul that could crash the TMZ server faster than you can say full-frontal.

For Gabrielle Foster, it’s a reason to panic.  Her reinvention as take-no-prisoners rap priestess Brown Sugar meant burying her privileged past.  But now the ambition of rival rapper Queen B and the renewed media interest in Dean Paul’s romantic past just might blow her cover.

When three ex-girlfriends reunite for the wedding of the century, old wounds trigger new problems in ways that change their lives forever in this funny, dramatic and poignant page-turner.


This is a revised and rebranded edition of one of my favorite backlist titles.  Very excited to have it available in ebook format for the first time.  JFK, Jr. was my inspiration for the Dean Paul Lockhart character.  


"The wit keeps the plot fresh, and the characters are most vivid . . . [Salem] captures quirks and personalities in this fun, sexy read." - RT Book Reviews

"Hit the guilty pleasures with [Reunion Girls] . . . style and class all the way." - The Clarion-Ledger

"[Salem] writes with the sass of Candace Bushnell and the brass of Jackie Collins . . . cutting, cunning and real." - Stephanie Bond


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For three Las Vegas women, THE STRIP is an adults-only playground, a neon-splashed boulevard where excitement, seduction and betrayal never go to sleep.

Kristin Fox – the bestselling writer of controversial bestsellers who hungers for passion outside the pages of her money-making fiction.

Jennifer Payne – the insightful marriage and family therapist who has an answer for every relationship problem except the one happening in her own bedroom.

Billie Shelton – the casino showroom headliner who has been saved, remade, and quietly shattered by a darkly obsessive Svengali husband.

And they share one magnificent man:  Cam Lawford, the ultimate stud-for-hire who has gone from roaring crowds in sports stadiums to willing and generous women in luxury hotels.  But who knew the business of sex and satisfaction could be such a dangerous game?


I conducted more immersion research for this novel—this time in Las Vegas.  I was invited to a holiday party being hosted by Elaine Newton, the ex-wife of one of the Strip’s most legendary and iconic performers—Wayne Newton.  A guest discovered I was a writer, took me aside, and said, “Honey, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this crazy town.”  Every dirty little secret she shared ended up in the novel in one way or another.


“The latest from Salem offers an absorbing plot and enough erotica to heat up any cold winter evening.  Believable characters, witty dialogue, and timely details invigorate this saucy, fast-paced novel.” - Publishers Weekly

“Top 10 Summer Reading Pick:  Chick-lit written by a man about three Las Vegas women who share the same bloke.  What is there not to like?” - The Daily Telegraph

“Sassy, sexy, and seriously saucy.  When the glam women start dabbling with a Las Vegas stud-for-hire, the consequences are sinful.” - Look

“Book of the Week:  Aside from some seriously sexy set pieces, Salem has weaved together a plot more than a few thriller writers would be proud of.  Top stuff.” - The Daily Mirror

“Summer Read Top Pick:  For a cool poolside fantasy trip, check out The Strip.  This sexy romp will certainly keep you entertained while you soak up the sun.” - Best

“Top 10 Book Pick:  The Strip is a fun, easy beach book, and the repeated descriptions of hottie Cam Lawford's lush body aren't exactly painful reading either.  For some sexy escapism, it earns its place next to your factor 15.” - Heat







Three women with everything they could ever need, but nothing they really want . . .

Liza Pike – It Girl for feminist spin, beautiful, successful, fearless.  But as the media props her up to be the millennium’s new Gloria Steinem, she’s falling into all the traps she cautions other women to avoid.

Kellyanne Downey – Actress-Model-Whatever, holding out for her big break while waiting tables and playing mistress to a rich developer.  The phenomenal looks supposed to take her all the way are leading her to the edge of nowhere.

Billie Shelton – Indie-rock bitch goddess with an appetite for self-destruction.  Men are candy, drugs are fuel, and in her world looking out for number one is the only way to live.

One fateful summer their journeys unfold thrill by thrill during one unforgettable season at a Hamptons summer share.  TAN LINES portrays their passions, triumphs, and heartbreaks with a sly intelligence and wickedly sharp prose that will hook readers to the last page.


The Hamptons details are authentic.  I traveled to Long Island for immersion research on how some New Yorkers spend their summer season.  In addition to coming face to face with Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker, I met some wild revelers who told me stories that ended up in the novel.



“Even Jacqueline Susann would be shocked!  A distinctly modernized Valley of the Dolls.” - Barbara Seaman

“Sexy beach trash of the highest order.” - Elle

“Wickedly sharp and clearly well-researched . . . a salty beach read with legs.” - The Daily Mirror

“If fiction was a family, J.J. Salem would be the literary love-child of Sidney Sheldon and Jackie Collins.” - The Daily Record

“Perfect for your summer getaway . . . it’s packed with sex, glamour, and girl-pal fallouts.” - Ryanair Magazine

“A Jacqueline Susann-style thriller by way of Candace Bushnell . . . Salem’s poolside read throbs with intensity, spiked with erotic detail and disturbing aftershocks.” -- Publishers Weekly

“Summer’s hot read will be the sexed-up novel Tan Lines.  A 21st-century Valley of the Dolls.” - The New York Post

“A sizzling, sassy potboiler.” - The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“A fascinating read . . . each page will surely bring out some gasps, and there’s a twist ending you won’t see coming.” - RT Book Reviews