A Quick History

The world was at war in 1940. And when women across the United States answered the call to pick up slack in the nation’s work force, they became the family breadwinners, the daily newspaper buyers—and the comic strip readers.

Enter Brenda Starr, Reporter, the format’s first career girl created, written and illustrated by a woman—Dale Messick. Four years before Wonder Woman burst onto the scene, Brenda Starr was America’s top female crime fighter. The fearless, feisty redheaded journalist became an immediate symbol of feminism and upwardly mobile aspirations for generations of readers.

Brenda Starr enjoyed a phenomenal seven-decade run, appearing until 2011, making her one of the most successful syndicated comic strip characters in the history of the art form. At its peak, the title was carried by more than 250 newspapers and followed by 60 million readers.


The Reboot FAQs

WHY IS BRENDA STARR RETURNING? The character has real pop culture significance (she remains a symbol for feminism and has inspired generations of journalists to go into the profession), and the strip's unique canon of colorful supporting players and rich backstory make it ideal for a contemporary reboot. Everything else is coming back. Why not Brenda Starr?

WHAT IS THE BRENDA STARR DAILY MYSTERY SERIAL? A mystery novel series. It is NOT a comic strip, comic book or graphic novel. The new illustrations featured on this site have been created for reader engagement and promotional purposes only.

WILL I HAVE TROUBLE FOLLOWING THIS NEW VERSION IF I NEVER READ THE COMIC STRIP? Not at all. The Brenda Starr Daily Mystery Serial is a fresh take on the world of Brenda Starr. While some of the comic strip's most enduring story elements and events will be referenced and incorporated, the novels will exist in their own timeline and universe.

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